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Learn How to Make Your Feet Happy!

Learn how to heal foot pain and prevent foot problems by developing toned, strong, flexible feet using Yamuna’s amazing Foot Wakers and Foot Savers. Free your feet from the restrictions created every day by your shoes. Shoes are the single biggest reason why anyone develops foot pain. Feet encased in shoes for hours every day will atrophy. The bones narrow together, the circulation is cut off, and the muscles, tendons, and ligaments contract.

Since we have to wear shoes, we need a way to reverse their effects on our feet. That’s what YAMUNA Foot Fitness was created to do. And it only takes a few minutes a day to create fit feet!

Learn how you can eliminate the pain of plantar fasciitis very quickly using the powerful therapeutic foot wakers.

Foot Wakers are hollow half-spheres covered with nubbles, used to work large areas of the foot and create flexibility. They offer an easy way for people with supersensitive feet or foot problems to start developing foot fitness. The nubbles stimulate the feet, improving circulation, so they’re great for anyone with circulatory problems in their feet, such as diabetics. When optimal flexibility in your feet is developed, your walking pattern will be more balanced and the whole body benefits!

Foot Savers are harder and smaller half-spheres that allow you to work individual points in the feet in detail. You can do very focused work that creates real structural changes, eliminating (and preventing) problems caused by bunions and hammertoes, and plantar fasciitis. The Foot Savers also directly stimulate bone, reversing the effects of the constant impact of walking and improving bone quality. Stimulating the bones of the feet also benefits all of the bones of the leg.

When you take care of the foot, you are also taking care of the rest of the body, because the level of foot function affects the leg and hip and even of the back. Yamuna Foot Fitness also affects the entire body through the reflexology points in the soles of the feet.


  • Working the feet stimulates, tones, and elongates all the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the legs.
  • YFF enables people to develop more range of motion and movement, not only in the feet themselves, but up through the pelvis and torso, including the spine.
  • YFF creates greater tone and a real relaxation of the tension that builds up due to the feet being constricted in shoes over many years. When the feet relax, the structures above them also relax and begin to work properly.
  • YFF releases impact from the feet, creating greater ease of movement in the joints above.
  • YFF increases circulation throughout the body.
  • YFF stimulates bones, improving bone quality.
  • YFF improves alignment throughout the body.
  • YFF increases metabolism.
  • YFF relaxes the nervous system.
  • YFF increases body awareness.
  • YFF alleviates restless leg syndrome.


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